Extensive Overview of Motorcycle Accidents Leading To Personal Injuries

The truth is that the province of Ontario is known for being one of the provinces in the country with the most bike-riding aficionados. This is something important and it needs to be taken into consideration as it’s also one of the provinces with the most accidents of this type. Unfortunately, motorcycle riding also comes with quite a lot of risks and the injuries are usually a lot more considerable and serious in comparison to car accidents.


The risks of motorcycle accidents are stemming from the lack of additional protection for the rider. Unlike the car which protects you with its body and significantly enhanced roll-bars and other protective mechanisms including airbags, motorcycles offer nothing of the kind. The only thing which is going to provide you with a subtle protection is the protective gear that you have to wear. Of course, this is going to dampen the seriousness of the injuries but when you are doing 80 miles on the highway and you are involved in an accident, this protective gear is unlikely to do you any good. That is one of the reasons that going slow becomes an important consideration. The laws have been formulated to ensure that you stay safe.


The liability in a motorcycle accident is pretty much the same as it is if you were involved in accident with y our vehicle. The laws which govern these types of accidents are the Highway Traffic Act as well as the Insurance Act and a range of additional ones.

Of course, you should also be aware of the fact that the province of Ontario is governed by the so-called “no-fault” rule, which means that regardless of the fault; the party is entitled to monetary compensation by the insurance company. This is something particularly convenient, especially if the other party doesn’t have any resources to cover for the injuries, which were definitely rather substantial.

It’s also important to note that fault is, however, assigned but it’s done by the insurance company itself. This is quite critical for it as it’s going to use the reports in order to adjust the premiums of the party which was found at fault. This is due to the fact that the accident has led to an elevated risk factor.

In any case, these are some of the considerations that you might want to take into proper account. Motorcycle accidents comprise a great number of the accidents in the province and that’s why it’s important to have information. It is best if you seek out a professional and experience personal injury lawyer to take over the case in order to ensure that you get the compensation which you are legally entitled to. Furthermore, the personal injury lawyer of St. Catharines is also going to represent you perfectly and is going to protect your rights as per the highest standards.

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