Know About The Risks Leading To Motorcycle Accident

There are some major factors to a motorcycle accident that make it different than other accidents leading to vehicles. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be very different from those that are caused by vehicle accidents, which means that the liability that surrounds such accidents can be different from accidents caused by or involving vehicles.

The size and design of motorcycles means that they don’t provide as much protection for the rider as a vehicle would. Motorcycles are smaller than the average car, and they don’t enclose the driver or passengers. These features make riding in a motorcycle riskier than driving a four wheeled vehicle. This increases the chances of being hurt in an accident.

Here’s a closer look at some of the risks of motorcycles.

• Visibility. Motorcycles are small sized, so they are not seen by other vehicles on the road. Since they’re smaller, it can be more difficult for drivers of vehicles to see them, at intersections or if the motorcycle was blocked by a larger vehicle.
• Road hazards. Road hazards like debris or uneven surfaces, wet pavement or small objects can be enough to lead a motorcycle to crash. Many times these same situation won’t effect a car due to the size and weight of a vehicle.
• No barrier protection for the rider. Passengers and drivers in a car are encased in a metal box. Those riding a motorcycle are not. Motorcycles also don’t have airbags and seatbelts. Wear a helmet when driving as it is recommended, as it’s a legal requirement. Motorcycle helmets offer head protection and studies show that those who do where helmets are less likely to experience traumatic or fatal head injuries.
• Level of stability. Motorcycles have two wheels and are not as stable as a car that has four wheels. This is especially true during swerving and emergency braking. Motorcycles can experience front wheel wobble at high speeds which has been the cause of accidents.
• Skill and difficulty. Not every motorcycle driver has the required level of skill to ride correctly. Unskilled motorcycle riders are responsible for a high number of motorcycle accidents.
• High risk driving. Some types of motorcycles, like the super-sport kind, encourage speeding and may be used by those who like racing or engaging in high risk behavior. The same holds true for vehicles, but again, the size of the motorbike makes it more susceptible to getting into a motorcycle accident.

Bikers can reduce their chance of getting into a motorcycle accident by making sure they get the proper professional training, being aware of road hazards and how they impact bikers, avoiding those road hazards, not sharing lanes with cars and maintaining the bike. In the event of a motorcycle accident, protective clothing like thick motorcycle jackets and proper helmets can reduce the level of injury experienced. Discuss it with a personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines to know howto get compensated.

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