Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accidents

No other motor-driven vehicle on the road has just two wheels. That fact alone contributes to the factors that make motorcycle accidents unique. Of course, that is just one noteworthy factor in a long list of factors.

Features of motorcycle that put rider at a greater risk for accidents

• Vehicle lighter than other vehicles
• Rider not enclosed; has no seat belt or air bag

The unprotected rider must deal with a larger number of hazards

• Uneven road surface, uneven heights of different road surfaces
• The biker is less visible than the other vehicles on the road.
• The bike’s tires could easily slide on a wet pavement.

More dangerous objects in the road, such as potholes and dead animals: These do not pose much danger to an automobile or other larger and better balanced vehicle.

Motorcycles are not very stable.

The rider’s level of safety increases markedly, in proportion to the same rider’s skill at handling a motorcycle. By the same token, the any single rider takes fewer risks after having ridden a motorcycle for a longer amount of time. Regardless of those two facts, accidents do happen, and motorcyclists seem especially accident-prone in certain situations.

Two of the most common incidents involving one or more motorcycles

Driver making a left hand turn hits rider on bike: Such a driver can escape liability if the motorcycle rider was speeding or in the wrong lane. Normally, though, a driver that has hit a motorcyclist can expect to be held liable for all damages.

One or more motorcycles engage in lane splitting: That means riding up between two lanes of cars at an intersection. Some states allow lane spitting; others do not. Obviously, the decision on who should be held liable reflects the existing law in the state where the accident took place. To get more information or to discuss an accident case, it is essential to talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines.

So far, no one has called for a halt in production of motorcycles. The automobile industry did decide to call for an end to producing cars with 6 wheels. There was a time when some drivers attempted to control such a vehicle. When such vehicles got involved in a large number of accidents, the 6-wheeled automobile became a mode of transport that people could only read about, but never try.

Could that be an example of what might happen in the motorcycle’s future? Right now, it is too early to say for sure. Still, motorcyclists can see what has happened in the past, whenever one type of vehicle seemed to be present at too many accident scenes. Each of them should concentrate on that one slice of history and work to see that their own vehicle-of-choice does not follow the path that was taken by the 6-wheeled automobile.

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