Why Should You Always Report Car Accidents?

Most everyone knows it is best to always report major car accidents. There can be serious consequences later on for not reporting certain accidents, even minor ones. The instances below show when to report car accidents and the penalties for not reporting.

When Should You Notify Police?

There are rules to follow pertaining to car accidents because it is not just a personal choice. Some areas have estimated values so you know the amount of damages involved to decide if you should or should not report accidents. If it is required that you report an accident and if not the consequences are possibly facing a charge of leaving the scene. This charge can land you in jail, involve serious fines and cause your insurance rates to increase. This is a serious crime so be sure that the damages are properly estimated from the accident to keep you abiding by the law.

When Should You Notify Your Insurance Company?

It does not matter if the damage in a car accident is major or minor, it is required by insurance companies that they be notified of any accident. It is important and required to notify your insurer, even if you believe you can pay the damages out of pocket.You could be in trouble not reporting a collision to your insurer. Your insurance company could be notified by the other parties’ insurance company and they will know you did not notify them of the accident. Your insurance rates will still increase, if you are in any part responsible for the accident, even if you pay for damages yourself.

Required Reporting of Accidents

There are certain instances where it is required to report any accident to the police and your insurer, regardless of the amount of damages involved. Accidents that must be reported include:

• Accidents where there are major or minor injuries or a death occurred.
• Impaired driving or other criminal act.
• If any driver is uninsured.
• If the accident involved any government vehicle.
• If a vehicle involved is transporting hazardous goods.
• Any accident where property is damaged.
• An accident involving a pedestrian.
• An accident that involves a bicyclist.

If you happen to be involved in an accident these are the basics of when you should report. You should always contact a personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines, if you are involved in an accident whether it is major or minor to be better prepared. Injury lawyers understand all aspects of the claim procedure and ways of dealing with the insurance company. Thus, they would be able to help you navigate the complete settlement with considerable ease.

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