How Marijuana Alters The Driver’s Skills

The man or woman that has chosen to enjoy marijuana has invited the disappearance of certain psychomotor skills. In the absence of such skills, the marijuana-user also invites the occurrence of a traffic accident. Their ability to drive safely has suffered, due to their desire to seek a marijuana high.

Driving skills affected by use of cannabis/marijuana

Drivers can ensure their safety to at least some degree by staying in a chosen lane. Yet someone that has used cannabis loses the skill that allows him or her to stay in a given lane. That includes the ability to carry-our tracking, the exercise of remaining in a single lane while driving around a curve.

Naturally, a driver’s safety depends on the ability of the driver’s feet to hit the brake pedal in a short space of time, if an obstruction comes into view. If a driver’s system contains the chemicals found in cannabis, that essential ability has been compromised. In other words, the chances increase for the occurrence of a collision.

Throughout most of the time on a highway, a motorist finds it best to maintain a certain speed. In that way, the same motorist should remain at a safe distance from the vehicle that is being followed. Those people that crave a marijuana-triggered high should know that for an extended time following that high, their ability to maintain a safe speed disappears.

For how long does that ability go away? It does not return for 4 to 6 hours. The same time period applies to the loss of 2 other driving-related skills. Those are the capacity to think quickly and the motor skills associated with natural reflexes. Imagine traveling down a road and requiring an extended amount of time to react to the actions taken by other drivers. If that thought frightens you, Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines is of the view that you should refrain from sitting at the wheel of a car anytime that you have used a cannabis product.

What the existing information tells government agencies in charge of Ontario’s roadways?

The information gathered through scientific investigations shows the need for certain controls on drivers that have access to cannabis retailers. That is why Ontario has announced penalties for those motorists that test positive for marijuana’s presence, while driving down one of Ontario’s streets or highways.

Those motorists that want to avoid that penalty should remember the figures mentioned above. According to those figures, the tell-tale substance (marijuana) remains in the human system for 4 to 6 hours after a user has enjoyed its effects. That is the amount of time that a high motorist should stay off the road. Impatient motorists, those refusing to wait that long should stand prepared to pay a heavy fine, if caught.

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