What Personal Injury Lawyers Advice You Not To Do After A Car Accident

Although you must have heard a lot about what to do after a car accident, there are a few key factors to consider that have been further enumerated by the Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines about things not to do after an accident. Here is some important information about what not to do and say after an accident to protect your chances of filing a claim for damages and injuries.

Don’t Go but Stay at The Scene of The Accident

It is vital that you do not go away from accident scene even though you may not feel the pain and injuries immediately after the accident. Additionally, leaving the crash site in Ontario can be a violation of the Highway Traffic Act and you are liable to penalized with fine ranging from $450 to $2000. Your license can be suspended and chances of six-month imprisonment can be on the cards. Instead, you need to stay calm and turn off the ignition, and switch on the hazard light. Check for any injuries and only after that get down from the car, if it seems safe. Call the police or ask someone to call for the law enforcement. It is good to stay alert and get all the information of the witnesses, license and vehicle details of the at-fault driver.

Don’t talk about the accident

Personal injury lawyers discourage their clients from discussing the accident with anyone expect the emergency medical crew and the police. It is difficult to get all the details about the accident correct as most car accidents happen without any warning. To get all the details, it becomes imperative to talk with witnesses and needs a thorough investigations by experts. You need to be aware of the fact that it is not in your favour to take any blame for the accident. That is why you don’t need to accept any fault without discussing with your lawyer. Anything that you say at the scene of the accident can be quoted and used against you later on.

Don’t delay medical treatment

It is best not to avoid medical help and avoid saying that you are not injured because a lot of serious injuries don’t have immediate symptoms and can appear days after the accident, such as symptoms of concussion. Allow the medical professionals to escort you to the local hospital and get an extensive evaluation done. If you feel okay after the accident, don’t voice and let a doctor evaluate you for any internal injuries which are not apparent immediately. This medical report will be an important part of the claim in the future if you intend seeking damages. Thus, talk to your lawyer at the earliest after the accident and follow all instructions about what not to do after a collision.

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