Do Not Ignore Potential Benefits From A Car Accident Settlement

The adult that has suffered damages, as the result of a car accident, wants his or her life to get back to normal as soon as possible. For that reason, that same accident victim tends to focus on the most immediate benefits from a settlement. Those would be reimbursement for the cost of car repairs and treatment of any injury.

The accident could have caused ongoing medical issues.

Some injuries force an accident victim to deal with persistent pain. While other victims respond to the jarring effects of a collision by developing an emotional or psychological disorder. A serious accident might cause a victim’s future to include the repeated challenges created by the need to carry-out daily tasks, while living with a physical limitation.

The value of an accident injury relates to the amount of time that it persists.

• Did that medical issue go away after the doctor had perceived the victim’s achievement of the maximum medical improvement (MMI)?
• Did an accident-related medical issue create problems that were sure to have an effect on the accident-victim’s foreseeable future?

A victim must have evidence of an accident-caused medical problem, in order to enjoy the available benefits.

The affected victim could keep a journal or diary, and record the times when he or she felt pain or a decided level of discomfort. Testimony from friends can also get used to strengthen the case presented by a given victim, so that an available benefit might be offered.

The nature and extent of the victim’s damages determines the level of benefits that should be offered to the injured victim.

Insurers use a formula, in order to match a calculated figure to the extent of a victim’s pain and suffering. The formula multiplies the special damages by a selected figure. When a car accident has caused a driver or passenger to suffer brain damage, the special damages get multiplied by 5 or more.

For victims with a whiplash-associated disorder, the special damages get multiplied by a figure between 1 and 3. Those accident victims with a broken bone, the pain and suffering corresponds to the product of the special damages and a figure between 3 and 5.

Failure to get examined as soon as possible reduces the chances for obtaining an available benefit.

Even if the symptoms of a given disorder were not observed by the examining physician, the examined victim would have the doctor’s report on record. That report could be expanded to include the appearance of any future symptoms.

The sudden appearance of even one symptom could demonstrate the failure of the patient/victim to attain a state of maximum medical improvement. That would give the Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines a reason for fighting requests for an early settlement.

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