How Does A Claim Work With No Fault Insurance?

An insurance company that offers no-fault insurance provides each policy holder with a chance to file a Personal Injury Protection(PIP) Claim, if that same policy holder gets involved in an accident.

What payments are claimed?

• Payment of medical bills
• Reimbursement for loss of earnings
• Certain out of pocket expenses
• There is no compensation for pain and suffering, as part of the PIP claim.

The policy holder is expected to cooperate with the insurance company.

A policy holder should not initiate a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, unless the he or she has received medical bills that total more than a given amount. Usually, someone that receives a large number of medical bills has suffered a serious injury. In that instance, the injured victim might not want to work with the no-fault insurance.

What types of injuries might push an accident victim to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, instead of working with the no-fault insurance company?

• A wound that causes a disfigurement of the body.
• A broken bone
• A disorder that causes a permanent limitation to some part of the body, or some organ within the body
• A condition that causes a marked limitation of any body function
• An injury that causes the body to become fully disabled for 90 days.

What would be the chief benefit of initiating a lawsuit against the at-fault driver?

By taking such an action, an injured accident victim with the help of Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines could seek compensation for pain and suffering. The types of injuries included in the above list force the affected patient/victim to deal with all sorts of daily challenges. The affected patient might need help with eating, dressing, bathing, and other aspects of personal care.

Depending on the victim’s career choice, a wound that disfigured the face, or some other visible area might make it impossible for the victim to continue in that same career. By the same token, a professional might need to make major investments in new equipment, in order to continue pursuit of a profitable career.

For instance, if someone with a law degree were to become a quadriplegic, that same person would need to have a special type of office, if he or she wanted to keep meeting with clients. That office would need to have a computer that could respond to commands from a working part of the lawyer’s body.

Suppose that a professional writer became blind, as the result of an auto accident. He or she would need a computer with keys in braille. He or she might also want to have a library that contained books in braille. That would be a major investment in time and money, one made necessary by the effects of one particular automobile accident.

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