4 Keys to Successful Personal Injury Settlement Negotiations

What most injury victims in Oakville, St. Catharines, and Waterloo fail to realize is that their behavior and the way they act during negotiations can have an impact on the outcome of their case.  Negotiations could proceed quickly and smoothly with a minimum of aggravation and stress while achieving a very satisfying outcome in the process.  The bottom line is that all of this depends entirely on you and how you interact with the insurance company’s claims adjuster when sitting at the negotiations table.  Here are some helpful tips for negotiating successfully.


Be persistent, relentless if you have to – the first rule of thumb in negotiations is to never let the adjuster stall things or sit on your personal injury claim.  If the adjuster tells you that they need to contact their manager or supervisor or will make you another settlement offer, hold them to what they told you.  In other words, if you have a specific date, include that in your confirmation letter.  If they fail to get back to you by that date, call them and demand a response – politely and professionally of course.


Organization is the key – whenever you have a discussion with the adjuster, make notes of everything that transpires in your conversations with them.  Whatever you or the adjuster say you will or won’t do or that something will happen as of a specified date, write them a letter of confirmation.  When you agree to provide any information, do so in prompt fashion.  No matter what you send the adjuster, keep a copy for your files.


Patience is a virtue – although there might have been a considerable delay in getting income records and medical documents, don’t be in too big of a hurry to settle your case.  That adjuster will test your patience by making a low settlement offer initially, so be prepared to wait for what you want before agreeing to his or her proposal.  If you hold out long enough, the adjuster will be the one who becomes impatient and wants to settle your claim, so stand your ground until your personal injury lawyer says otherwise.


Stay calm and push forward – if there is one thing you can say about insurance adjusters it’s that they hear stories just like yours on a daily basis.  Furthermore, they are typically overworked and underpaid.  Stay calm and don’t turn the negotiations into a battle for supremacy.  They won’t respond well if you’re abusive or get hysterical.  Simply show them that you have filed an honest claim and that you fully understand how the negotiation process works.  Let them know that you firmly believe the facts that you’ve presented.  After all, the success of your negotiations depends on you.


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