Are Accidents Related To Jaywalking Compensated?

When it comes to sharing the road, it can be easy to assume that everyone is following the rules. But both drivers and pedestrians should be aware that, despite road signals, unexpected crossings may take place in the roadway. Collisions between pedestrians and motorists can be particularly devastating both in terms of immediate injury, and long-term legal impact. It requires a detailed look by a legal professional to judge the merits of the claim, before they agree to represent the victim.

What is Jaywalking?

“Jaywalking” is not actually a legal term, but describes a situation where pedestrians cross a roadway out of place – this includes entering a road not designated by a crosswalk, crossing against moving traffic, or just walking across a quiet residential street. In Ontario, the law regarding roads applies to pedestrians who are not operating a car, and offers very specific parameters under which a pedestrian should enter a roadway.

In Ontario, drivers are required to be operating their vehicle in a safe way at all times, and many people assume that this means that the pedestrian is always given the right of way. This is only true when a pedestrian is crossing at a designated intersection at an appropriate time. But, regardless of who has the right of way, both drivers and pedestrians should be alert and cautious at all times, to avoid any unexpected collisions.

Crossing Safely

As a pedestrian, you aren’t forbidden from entering a roadway outside of a designated intersection. If you do decide to jaywalk, the law states that vehicles have the right of way, and that pedestrians should take care to yield to traffic.

If a pedestrian is caught crossing a roadway in a way that is deemed unsafe, it is very possible for them to receive a ticket, or even be charged under the Traffic Act. While this is uncommon in a lot of places, busy cities that are filled with traffic often routinely ticket jaywalkers.

Pedestrian – Vehicle Accidents

If a collision occurs between a vehicle and jaywalker, the first priority should be to seek medical attention. Once the pedestrian has been cared for, a report should be made to the police. Because of the complicated legal situation, it is also recommended that both the driver and jaywalker retain personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines.

Every single legal case is unique, and instances of collision involving jaywalking can be particularly complicated. If you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of a motor vehicle-pedestrian accident, legal counsel can help you get the compensation that you need and deserve.

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