What Personal Injury Lawyers Advice You Not To Do After A Car Accident

Although you must have heard a lot about what to do after a car accident, there are a few key factors to consider that have been further enumerated by the Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines about things not to do after an accident. Here is some important information about what not to do and say after an accident to protect your chances of filing a claim for damages and injuries. Read More

What Can I Do When My Auto Insurer Denies My Accident Claim?

According to the Insurance Information Institute’s most recent statistics, there are nearly 200 million insured vehicles traveling highways and roads. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident and have received medical treatment, you’ll need the experience and expertise of a personal injury lawyer to provide sound legal guidance in your case. Read More

Determining Liability In A Commercial Truck Accident

Whenever an accident occurs between a commercial big rig and a motor vehicle (car, pick-up, SUV, van, etc.), the outcome typically doesn’t favor the motor vehicle and the people riding in it. According to recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics, nearly 4,000 individuals die every year in motor vehicle accidents that involve these large commercial trucks while thousands of others sustain serious injuries. These types of personal injury cases can be very complex because proving liability or who’s at fault and responsible for damages is oftentimes extremely difficult. By hiring a lawyer to represent the claim, the plaintiff is able to get the right representation. Read More