The Legal Interpretation of Contributory Negligence

Legal authorities in any state within the United States or any province in Canada have the same definition for negligence. It is the failure to act as expected, thus, increasing the chances of harm to others or to yourself. While all legal authorities agree on the distinguishing features of a negligent act, the law has arrived at different ways for punishing a plaintiff’s negligence. Read More

Role of Informed Consent In Medical Malpractice Case

It is important that the doctors inform the patients fully about the risks involved in medical treatment or medical procedure. This is termed as “informed consent”. If the physician fails to get the informed consent from the accident victim or the patient, it is a reason to sue the physician for negligence and medical malpractice, with the help of personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines. Read More

How A Grieving Family Can Prove Liability In Wrongful Death Case?

The legal system does not have a way to analyze the depth of a family’s grief, after a loved one has been taken from them by a meaningless accident. That same family can file a wrongful death claim. Still, it should understand what facts must be proven, in order to increase the chances that the same group of loving relatives can win its filed claim. Read More

Details Regarding Personal Injury Claims For Children

All of the information in this article refers to situations in which a child got injured while on Canadian soil. In Canada, the child victim of an accident is eligible to recover losses. The declared losses will depend on the nature of the child’s injuries and on the legal support given to the adult that advocates for the injured child. A severely injured youth will have larger medical bills, and will thus have greater losses to claim. By the same token, if the injury has handicapped the young victim, then a lawyer might care to seek compensation for future loss of income. Read More

Understanding Punitive Damages In An Injury Claim

In any personal injury lawsuit, the injured party is seeking compensation for the damages they incurred as a result of their injury. In a legal setting, financial payment is used to compensate for all damages related to an injury, with an aim of repairing some of the damage done as the result of negligence or carelessness. In calculating what an injured party should receive for their claim, a few types of damages are considered. Read More