When Should You Contact Your Own Insurance Following Involvement In Accident?

Regardless of the sort of accidental occurrence that has involved the holder of an insurance policy, that same policy holder should understand how to proceed, after being involved in an accident. That incident should be reported within 72 hours with personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines. The report needs to be directed to the company that issued the purchased insurance policy. Read More

How Changes In A Canadian Law Can Affect A Personal Injury Claim

A number of Canadian provinces have established regulations, regarding the amount of compensation that can be awarded to accident victims with only minor injuries. Now Canadians have learned that some of the same regulations will undergo changes. Those changes will affect any victims that have sustained a specific type of physiological impairment. Read More

Features of Examination Given To Ontario Resident Pursuing Statutory Accident Benefits

Any resident of Ontario can seek Statutory Accident Benefits, after getting involved in a collision. That is a privilege enjoyed by any resident of Ontario that has purchased a car insurance policy. Ontario does not seek to learn who might be held liable for a given accident, before making that benefit available to a given driver. Still, the person that has chosen to go after the Statutory Benefits does have to meet certain other requirements. Read More