Questions Frequently Asked During Personal Injury Depositions

If the negotiations focused on a specific personal injury claim fail to yield a settlement, the 2 disputing parties might elect to proceed to a trial. If that is the case, then a deposition hearing must precede that trial. A plaintiff that has spent only a minimal amount of time in a courtroom might want to know what sort of questions could be posed by either of the lawyers present at that pre-trial session. Read More

Personal Injury Claims And Settling Out of Court

With all of the advertising that personal injury lawyers, you would think the majority of these cases wind up in front of a judge and jury. Surprisingly this is not the case as 90% to 95% of all claims are settled outside the courtroom. Most personal injury claims are settled during the litigation process and negotiations between the parties involved in the matter. However, if they do go to trial, it could be months or even years before any type of settlement is reached. Read More