Understanding Why Your Short-Term Disability Claim May Have Been Denied

If injury or illness has struck you down and left you unable to work for an extended period of time, then you will likely have filed for short term disability benefits. You did everything right and let your doctor handle the paperwork and yet your claim was still denied. So, what should you know? Below, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions on this matter in hopes of helping you figure out how to move forward. Read More

Step By Step Guide To Disability Claims

Severe injuries can take months, if not years, to heal. If they even heal at all. And when that happens, it takes a lot of money to cover medical bills, replace your lost income, and get the support of a housekeeper or nurse, if necessary. Since the vast majority of people will not have the financial means to pay these expenses out of pocket, it will generally take a Personal Injury Lawyer St. Catharines to file a disability claim to obtain the necessary financial coverage. Read More

Returning To Workplace After Recovering From An Injury

As the victim of an accident recovers from his or her injuries, less time gets spent on dealing with recurring pain. Instead, the victim’s head begins to fill with questions. A large number of those questions relate to the issues associated with a possible return to the workplace. Major questions that you might be thinking about is when to return or how do I to know that it is time to return? Read More

Gathering Evidence To Prove Your Surgeon Guilty of Medical Malpractice

While actual cases of wrongfully amputated limbs, switched up patients, and wrongfully removed organs are extremely rare, there have been documented cases of such a thing happening. Even more terrifyingly, there are surgical mistakes that are frequently made, such as instruments being forgotten in a patient, which are still extremely serious, and can cause great harm to a patient. So, what do you when such a thing happens to you? Read More

Why Are The Medical Records Important While Filing A Claim?

In order to understand the importance of medical records, you will first need to know what medical records truly are. Your medical record is an accumulation of all the files and documents which sum up your entire medical history, starting at your birth. Every time you are put into the care of medical personnel, said personnel will access these records in order to inform themselves of any ailments, conditions, or other information which will be vital for adjusting your treatment. Read More

Can You Claim Insurance If You Were In A Car Share Accident?

Someone that has chosen to share a car with others invites the chances that the same vehicle might be involved in a collision. Now that same person does have the ability to claim the insurance at the time of a car-sharing accident. Yet the procedure that the injured rider must use depends primarily on the specifics in the policy that is being followed by the rider’s selected ride-sharing company. Read More