Reasons For Hiring A Lawyer When Making A Slip And Fall Claim

When a small child falls, he or she gets told to get up and keep playing. Parents would never suggest that such a child should hire an injury lawyer in St. Catharines. A good parent appreciates the extent to which a son or daughter depends on a parent’s readiness to carry out a duty of care. So, what reasons would an adult have for hiring an injury lawyer, after experiencing a slip and fall incident? Read More

Most Common Injuries In A Slip, Trip And Fall Accident

One of the leading causes of injuries and absences from work is due to a slip and fall. Whether its ice roads or pathways, spills in the aisle at the grocery store, or maybe an object on the side walk that has caused someone to trip, slip, or fall. Maybe you tried to keep the walkways clear around your office and the ice melted or at least traction on the sidewalk and steps, accidents happen when you least expect it to. The most common conditions can increase your risk of a slip, fall, or trip: Read More