Duties of Property Owner

The property owner is supposed to keep all those that enter his/her premises safe from harm. Owners must use certain methods, in order to achieve that specific end.

Scheduled inspections

It is the owner’s responsibility to warn guests and visitors about any foreseeable danger. Consequently, all owners need to schedule regular inspections, so that each of them can learn about any foreseeable dangers, as per personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines.

If someone were to get injured, while responding to an invitation from a property owner, then that host could be held liable for payment of the damages. Any lawyer that agreed to try defending the same host would hope to find a list of the times when the premises had been inspected. The absence of such a list would act to strengthen the plaintiff’s case, because it would demonstrate the owner’s failure to carry out all of his/her duties.

Make use of precautionary measures

Anyone that enters a commercial property should be warned about any potential dangers. If any danger spot were discovered, while a guest or visitor was present, then new precautionary measures should be put in place. If there is a spill on the floor, it needs to be mopped up, and the remaining spot should be marked off, until it has dried completely.

If a floor has received a coat of wax, it, too, should be marked off, until the wax has dried. At a motel with a swimming pool, there should be a fence or other barricade around that same pool. It should have a locked gate, so that no children could get into the pool area, unless accompanied by an adult.

Pay close attention to any spots where a visitor could get hurt.

If there was a glass door onto a patio area, or similar location, then that should bear some type of marking, so that no one would try to walk through what looked like an open door.

If there were a door that opened and closed automatically, then that would need to be inspected on a regular basis. The proper functioning of that door would be crucial, if a property owner hoped to prevent the occurrence of any injury-making event.

If there was any type of stairway, either inside or outside, then it should have some type of banister or railing. Someone that needed to traverse that same stairway should be able to grab onto something, and to keep from falling.

Clutter could pose a danger at any location. Someone should be in charge of helping to remove any unnecessary clutter. By the same token, there should be a designated location for any new item that has been requested or purchased by the property owner.

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