Help For Dealing With Accident-Caused Traumatic Brain Injury

Whenever an external force acts on someone’s head, the person that has felt such a force can suffer a traumatic brain injury. The force does not have to come from some object that has been used to hit the head. It can be the force created when a hit impacts on a solid object, such as some item in the interior section of an automobile.

How can signs of a traumatic brain injury get identified?

Someone that has felt the impact of a blow to the head should be examined by a physician. Ideally, that physician has the ability to note any deviations from the expected response to various commands or stimuli.

For instance, the doctor might tell the examined patient to move a pointed finger towards the same patient’s nose. This would serve as a test of the patient’s motor response. Alternatively, the patient might be asked to follow the doctor’s finger, as it gets moved in the direction of the patient’s peripheral vision. This serves as a test of the patient’s eye responses.

If the victim had to remain in bed, the doctor could observe the movement of the patient’s legs. That would serve as another way to test the victim’s motor responses. The same patient might be asked to answer questions, so that the physician could note the quality of the verbal response.

The physician’s observations ought to be supplemented by inclusion in the patient’s completed medical report of results from either a CT scan or an MRI. Both of those imaging techniques provide medical professionals with a way to look at the brain inside of the skull. An x-ray does not provide doctors with any information on the extent of damage suffered by a brain that has felt the impact of a powerful force.

Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines knows that expenses that should be compensated by the insurance, if an accident victim develops a traumatic brain injury. If condition was diagnosed in the early stages, then the insurer of the person responsible for the accident should cover cost of rehabilitation any efforts. Those efforts could include treatment procedures such as physical therapy, speech therapy and language therapy.

If condition allowed to progress without early treatment, the insurance could be asked to pay for some type of neurosurgical intervention.

Additional funds that could be sought with the help of a lawyer

If the victim of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) developed mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, then the cost of treatment for those conditions should be covered.

If the symptoms caused the victim to suffer a loss of wages, then that loss ought to be reimbursed with money from the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident.

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