How A Lawyer Can Help A Car Accident Victim With A Whiplash Injury

An experienced personal injury lawyer understands what happens to a human body in a motor vehicle, if that same set-of-wheels gets hit by a similar or larger vehicle. The body’s limbs and torso get pushed forward, while the head and neck remain in place. That can result in a neck injury. The same series of events can harm the head and spinal cord, as well.

The injured driver or passenger then exhibits the symptoms of a whiplash injury.

Such symptoms can appear slowly, over an extended period of time. Later, the same symptoms persist for quite a while. Hence, the victim has a slow recovery.

A smart victim keeps a record of the various symptoms.

Some of the symptoms, such as headaches could seem to be the result of everyday stress. Still, any headache should be recorded, because it might be followed by other symptoms, such as blurred vision or dizziness. If the victim’s arms or shoulders experience unexplained pain, that, too, should be noted in some type of journal or diary. Other symptoms of significance could appear as well; those could be problems such as decreased range of motion in the neck, a stiff neck, or failure of the neck to offer a decent level of head support.

How a lawyer can help a victim that is suffering such symptoms:

A Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines can seek-out and consult with a medical expert, someone that has the ability to offer useful input. That input should support the victim’s claims, regarding a decided level of discomfort.
In addition, an injury lawyer needs to gather evidence that shows how the defendant’s actions worked to cause the whiplash injury. In the absence of such evidence, the uncomfortable client/victim has little chance for winning a personal injury case, even with the help of the most experience injury lawyer.

Smart lawyers advise their clients against posting any pictures on a social media network. Insurance companies make a point of looking for such pictures. Insurance companies hope to unearth evidence of a victim’s ability to perform actions that he or she has claimed are no longer performable, due to the existence of the victim’s whiplash injury.

The importance of a victim’s communications with the treating physician:

If a victim feels ready to attempt a certain action, the victim’s doctor should be made aware of that fact. If the recovering patient were to get captured on surveillance video making that planned attempt at performing a certain action, a physician should be ready to explain what has happened.

That explanation can prove of help to the lawyer of any injured client. It should prove especially helpful if that particular client has repeated the complaints of someone with a whiplash injury.

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