How Long-Term Injuries Affect Your Claim Value

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that you’ll get a higher settlement if you can prove that the personal injury that you sustained resulted in a permanent or residual injury. The reason for this is because residual injuries, even small ones, can cause you severe physical hardship many years down the line. There are many common residual injuries that you can sustain in a personal injury accident –

Common permanent injuries

Scars and disfigurement – scarring is a common residual injury. It can be from a personal injury accident or from medical treatment. This is especially true if the scarring is extensive because it can lead to you not being able to use your hands or other limbs in the way you used to before you got the scarring. Good examples of these are webbed fingers and toes.

You tend to get a higher personal injury settlement if people can see where the scarring is on your body. Women tend to get a bigger settlement than men for scarring. The same is true for older women versus younger ones.

You will probably need to consult with your doctor and get something in writing about your scar, its extent, and its long-term impact. You may also want to include an estimate of what it would cost to repair it as part of the medical evidence that you send with the demand letter to the defendant’s insurance company.

Back or joint injuries

Expect to suffer from long-term damage and pain if your back and/or joints were hurt. This is especially true if the injury hurt a disc in your spine, hurt a vertebra in any shape or form. You can get a bigger settlement if your joints were also hurt. You’ll likely suffer from some sort of disability from back or joint injuries as you age. Your personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines will tell you this.

How to document residual injuries

Your lawyer will tell you that you need to document your residual injuries and their short and long-term effects if you want to have a chance at winning a bigger settlement. Make sure that your doctor documents this somewhere in your medical records.

Your personal injury lawyer will tell you that you should ask your doctor to mention the likelihood of your residual injuries causing short and long-term disabilities in your medical records. Once again, this will increase your chances of winning a bigger settlement.

Up the odds of getting a bigger settlement

Did you know that hiring a good personal injury lawyer when you have residual injuries will increase your odds of getting a bigger settlement?

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