How To Get Monetary Compensation For A Dog Bite

According to the law, the owner of a pet canine must keep that animal under control at all times. An owner’s failure to satisfy that duty can cause innocent person to get bit. If that happens, the dog’s owner is responsible for all the resulting damages.

Hence, anyone that gets bit by a dog has a right to seek compensation for any losses, such as medical expenses or time needed for recovery, time when the bitten victim could not work. Those owners that have homes can get coverage from a homeowner’s insurance policy.

What procedure should the victim use, in order to acquire the deserved compensation?

The victim must file a claim with the pet owner’s insurance company.

Then the victim should hire a lawyer. The lawyer becomes responsible for negotiating with the insurance company. If the same company refuses to cooperate with the injured victim, the lawyer can ask for an increase in the size of the award that the person with the dog bite deserves.

The Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines should also make sure that all of the victim’s medical expenses get covered by any offered compensation. That would include the costs for a trip to the emergency room, a ride in the ambulance, if necessary, visits to the treating physician, needed diagnostic tests and any prescribed treatment, such as surgery, medication, physiotherapy or medical equipment.

Victims that put time and effort into saving all of the bills from providers of medical services help their attorney. Such bills serve as proof that the victim received such services; thus the providers need to be paid.

Some victims also need to gather their records that demonstrate the loss of income that has resulted from the dog bite incident. Those would be any victims that ran their own business and set their own hours. Records of payments from earlier customers would help to demonstrate the victim’s earning power, when not burdened by an injury.

A victim’s help to an attorney might also take the form of a personal diary. If a victim takes the time to record when any injury-associated pain starts and stops, then the lawyer’s task has been simplified. The lawyer can make a stronger case for the victim’s right to seek compensation for pain and suffering.

Other payments that get requested by some victims

Some adults suffer a decided amount of emotional distress, following a dog bite. The evidence of their distress takes the form of flashbacks, nightmares, trouble sleeping and, sometimes, fear of animals. In addition, some victims have reason to seek compensation for disfigurement or disability, which has disrupted the victim’s life since the day when the canine’s teeth bit into the victim’s flesh.

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