The Life-Altering Effect of A Spinal Cord Injury

When all of a person’s body systems function in the way that they should, that healthy individual enjoys the chance to experience a full and rewarding life. If some system fails to function properly, the affected individual must deal with a life-altering situation. That fact highlights the reason that anyone with a spinal cord injury faces a sudden disruption to his or her previous lifestyle. Read More

Features of Examination Given To Ontario Resident Pursuing Statutory Accident Benefits

Any resident of Ontario can seek Statutory Accident Benefits, after getting involved in a collision. That is a privilege enjoyed by any resident of Ontario that has purchased a car insurance policy. Ontario does not seek to learn who might be held liable for a given accident, before making that benefit available to a given driver. Still, the person that has chosen to go after the Statutory Benefits does have to meet certain other requirements. Read More

The Legal Interpretation of Contributory Negligence

Legal authorities in any state within the United States or any province in Canada have the same definition for negligence. It is the failure to act as expected, thus, increasing the chances of harm to others or to yourself. While all legal authorities agree on the distinguishing features of a negligent act, the law has arrived at different ways for punishing a plaintiff’s negligence. Read More