Can You Claim Insurance If You Were In A Car Share Accident?

Someone that has chosen to share a car with others invites the chances that the same vehicle might be involved in a collision. Now that same person does have the ability to claim the insurance at the time of a car-sharing accident. Yet the procedure that the injured rider must use depends primarily on the specifics in the policy that is being followed by the rider’s selected ride-sharing company. Read More

Will You Be Liable If Someone Drives Your Car?

If someone were to steel your car and use it to commit a bank robbery, you would not be held responsible for that robbery. Similarly, if the robbers got in an accident while trying to get away from the police, you would not be responsible for any damage or any injuries. However, there are times when a car owner gets held liable for actions performed by another driver. Here are some questions asked by authorities, in attempt to see who should be held liable for a given accident. Read More

What Insurance Coverage Is Required In Ontario?

Most drivers recognize the wisdom behind purchasing a car insurance policy that covers any injuries or any damage to your vehicle, once you get hit by another motor vehicle. Yet not every driver likes to think about a time when he or she might cause damage to someone else’s vehicle, or injuries to another driver. Ontario’s brokers stand ready to remind drivers of that possibility. Read More

Responsibilities of Cyclist, After Becoming Victim In Motor Vehicle Accident

Usually, if a cyclist gets hit by a motor vehicle, the vehicle’s driver will be held responsible for that particular accident. The same person must compensate the cyclist for any damage or any injuries. Still, that does not mean that the hit cyclist remains free of all obligations, and can do whatever he or she so desires. Instead the bicycle rider gets expected to carry out certain tasks. Read More