Reasons For Hiring A Lawyer When Making A Slip And Fall Claim

When a small child falls, he or she gets told to get up and keep playing. Parents would never suggest that such a child should hire an injury lawyer in St. Catharines. A good parent appreciates the extent to which a son or daughter depends on a parent’s readiness to carry out a duty of care. So, what reasons would an adult have for hiring an injury lawyer, after experiencing a slip and fall incident?

In the absence of a parent, an adult must depend on the willingness of others to exercise a duty of care. Someone that does not know the law may find it impossible to identify the attention to duty (of care) that could have prevented the unfortunate fall. A lawyer can clear the confusion, so that the lack of attention becomes more obvious.

In addition, insurance companies will have little reason to pay much attention to the victim of a slip and fall incident. Even the defendant, once identified, may not express concern for the victim’s pain and suffering. Following introduction of a lawyer’s help, the victim’s needs do not get buried; instead they get noticed.

Additional help provided by a lawyer

Often, someone’s negligence has allowed creation of a situation that makes the tripping of pedestrians more likely. Lawyers understand how to prove a charge of negligence. Those members of the legal profession have learned how to locate witnesses, obtain video footage from a retail establishment or a restaurant, get hold of maintenance records and take eye-opening photographs.

After gathering all the relevant records, an injury lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company. Insurers have trained negotiators. The lawyer’s training prepares him or her for facing such a negotiator. In addition, lawyers know better how to assess the fairness of an offer that might be made by an insurance company.

The effort to win a slip and fall claim involves completion of lots of paperwork. An injury lawyer will usually have people that can help with completion of that task. Members of the injury lawyer’s staff will know how to draft court documents and search in law library for case law. The case law found in that library can be used in the courtroom, in order to support the plaintiff’s claim.

One of the biggest ways that an injury lawyer can help the injured victim of a slip and fall incident concerns the keeping of deadlines. Lawyers make a habit of checking the date on the calendar, so that no important deadline gets overlooked. The lawyer’s office usually has a calendar displayed in a prominent position on the wall.

That contrasts sharply with the typical situation in a victim’s home. There may be a calendar in that residence somewhere, but it might not be too visible. Hence those that would most like to help the victim may fail to notice the passing of days, and thus the sudden arrival of an important deadline.

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