Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Or File Your Claim On Your Own?

While it is true that you can handle simple personal injury claims yourself, hiring a good personal injury lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing a much more complex personal injury claim or case.

Personal injury accidents cover a wide range of accidents from car accidents to slip and fall incidents. You can generally handle simple personal injury claims yourself. However, you will need to consult with a good personal injury lawyer if and when you are dealing with a more complex claim or case.

Managing Your Own Case

Make sure you understand the process of filing a personal injury claim before you proceed if you’re going to represent yourself. Remember that hiring a lawyer, later on, may only hurt your chances of winning the settlement that you want, need, and deserve.

So, make sure you understand all relevant aspects of personal injury law thoroughly before you start to fill the personal injury claim application out. You should be able to handle the following personal injury accidents without an attorney:

You sustained minor or no injuries in a car accident

A large portion of personal injury accidents is minor car accidents. Since these are fairly simple and straightforward, you generally don’t need to involve an attorney.

You live in a no-fault state

You are generally unable to sue unless your injuries are major if you live in a no-fault state. It would not make much sense to hire a personal injury lawyer if your injuries were minor.

You are already receiving the maximum amount available

There is no point in hiring a personal injury lawyer if you have already maxed out the defendant’s insurance policy. You will not receive any more in settlement money.

You have no issues in talking with the insurance adjuster

There is no point in hiring a personal injury lawyer if you have no issues in talking with the insurance adjuster. You will be able to negotiate the settlement amount that you want on your own.

Do the Research

Researching the laws relevant to your case can be time-consuming and difficult. However, it’s not impossible to do. You also need to have some legal knowledge to do the research properly. However, if you feel you can do the research by yourself, then you do not need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Makes Sense to Hire a Lawyer

You would want to lawyer up if the defendant’s insurance company is hiring many experienced and talented lawyers. Then, your chances of winning a settlement if you defended yourself would be quite low. You may hesitate to hire a lawyer if your injuries are minor. But what happens when those injuries turn out to be much more severe? In that instance, it would be in your best interest to hire a good personal injury lawyer since you would need much more money to recover,

Pain and Suffering Compensation

You would need to hire a good personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines if your case went to court and you could get pain and suffering damages. It is never considered a good idea to go to court without legal representation, ever.

What About My Insurance Company?

Contrary to what you may believe, your insurance company’s adjuster doesn’t have your best interests in mind. The same applies to your defendant’s insurance company’s adjuster. The adjuster works for the insurance company. Therefore, his or her objective is to make sure that the insurance company ends up paying as little money in the settlement as possible.Most lawyers operate on a contingency basis. That means that they take their fees (generally 33% of your settlement) if you win a settlement.

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