The Life-Altering Effect of A Spinal Cord Injury

When all of a person’s body systems function in the way that they should, that healthy individual enjoys the chance to experience a full and rewarding life. If some system fails to function properly, the affected individual must deal with a life-altering situation. That fact highlights the reason that anyone with a spinal cord injury faces a sudden disruption to his or her previous lifestyle.

Body systems that can be affected by a spinal cord injury

Muscular: most notably the muscles that control speech or walking

Senses affected by the same disruptive condition

Sense of sight
Sense of touch

The impairment of both body systems and senses adds to the dangers associated with a spinal cord injury. The affected individual cannot sense extreme temperatures, if some part of the skin gets exposed to such a temperature. Consequently, the affected victim might rest his or her hand on a hot coil, or other hot object. Moreover, the same person could lack the ability to respond, upon discovering his or her mistake.

Events most often linked to such disruptive injuries

• Collision of two or more motored vehicles
• Motorcycle accidents
• Diving accidents
• Player gets injured at a sporting event
• Physical assault on unsuspecting individual
• Unintentional falls

Symptoms that may be exhibited by patients that have damaged the cord in their spine

• Impaired breathing
• Numbness in the extremities
• Difficulty walking
• Paralysis in part of body

Types of damages for which the same patients might seek a fair compensation

• Lost earnings
• Lost future earnings
• Current and future medical costs
• Need for special equipment, such as a wheelchair
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Health aides, for assistance at home

A Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines can help and that will prove of value to the victim that must seek such damages. Lawyers know how to seek out the necessary experts. For instance, a calculation of a client’s lost future earnings or future medical costs would probably call for the knowledge and skills of an economist. A good lawyer can locate that sort of expert.

In addition, the costs associated with special equipment could include more than the purchase price. For instance, a wheelchair mix-up might take place during a doctor’s visit, especially if the patient is seeing a specialist. In such a situation, there might be several patients with wheelchairs, all seeing the same physician in a single hour of time.

Such a mix-up could lead to the eventual loss of a specially-designed chair. At that point it might help to have a lawyer argue for money that could be used to cover such a loss. Some equipment works to lessen the challenge posed by a life-altering injury. It can diminish the level of difficulty associated with a particular task.

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