Tips For Talking With Adjuster In Other Party’s Insurance Company

If you have submitted a personal injury claim, then you should expect to get a call from the adjuster at the other party’s insurance company. When you take that same call, limit the number of words that in your conversation. Be polite, and use common sense.

Advice on preparing for the adjuster’s call

Put pen and paper, or pencil and paper next to the phone. If possible, speak with a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines, and receive some added advice.

More specific guidelines

Take down the name and contact information for the person at the other end of the line. Share with the caller no more than your name, address and phone number. Do not share any details, with respect to the injury-causing accident.

Never guess at an answer. Say that you do not know the answer. Do not agree to provide the insurance company with a taped statement. If asked about witnesses, say that there may be witnesses. Do not give the ID for any witness that has asked to remain anonymous. Still, remain mindful of the fact that the same person has introduced a touch of suspicion to his or her statement.

Do not share details about your injuries. Do promise to offer more information on your injuries when you send a demand letter.

How to deal with specific situations

If you have asked a question, and the adjuster has told you that he or she needs to speak with a superior, find out approximately how long it should take for you to get an answer. If there is no answer by that given date, call the adjuster’s office and seek an explanation for the delay.

If you have received a low-ball figure as a starting bid, call the adjuster’s office and ask why you have received such a low offer. Take notes, so that you have the ability to answer the adjuster’s complaints in a letter.

Compose that letter and send it to the adjuster’s office. When next speaking with the letter’s recipient (the adjuster), request a reply to each if your written answers.

If, during your recovery, you were to feel ready to try a certain move, always speak with your doctor about your plans. The doctor’s report should state that you intend to try using a certain body part, one that was injured earlier. That entry in the report could avoid problems.

If you were photographed while trying a certain move, and if that photograph were posted on a social media network, then the insurance company might see it. Still, the adjuster’s examination of the doctor’s report ought to serve as support for any claim that you had received permission to start moving that one particular body part.

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