Types of Encounters That Lead To Personal Injury Claim

There is no law against becoming angry at another person. Yet society expects people to control their anger. If a discussion gets heated and gives rise to a dispute, someone might elect to take drastic action, in order to resolve that dispute. Alternatively, someone might get careless and cause an accident.

Those suggested scenarios offer a broad view of the types of situations that can push an injured party to file a personal injury claim. Of course, an accident can happen at any time, not just when someone is angry. In other words, there are all sorts of encounters in which someone might get injured accidentally.

Specific encounters in which someone almost always gets injured

• Motor vehicle accidents
Slip and fall incidents
• Defective products appear on market and are bought by consumers.
• Workplace injury

Other examples of a time when some is likely to get injured

An incident takes place on unsafe premises, such as at an apartment building or at a facility used for entertainment purposes. For instance, a balcony railing collapses while a group of people are standing on that same balcony. An accident is caused by someone’s negligence. A dog bite stands as one instance of such a situation. A dangerous vehicle makes its way onto the market. This differs from the defective product, because it could be the result of poor maintenance, other than poor design or sloppy manufacturing practices.

Who is responsible for the injuries that result from the accidental occurrence?

At each encounter, the responsible party has a different role. At the time of a motor vehicle accident that role represents the counterpart to the injured driver’s role. In a slip and fall incident, a property owner normally gets saddled with responsibility for any injuries.

If a defective product injures a consumer, investigators must work to determine who should be held liable. It could be the product’s designer, the manufacturer or the marketer. Regardless of which of those 3 individuals gets held liable, one thing stays the same.

Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines knows that the person saddled with the liability has to be notified in a timely manner. That notification must come from the person that has initiated the personal injury claim. In fact, the failure to send such a notification to the liable individual weakens the case that the claimant intends to make.

That fact showcases one of the reasons that it pays to hire a lawyer, after filing a personal injury claim. Lawyers understand what facts need to be included in any notice that will be sent to the party being blamed for commission of a harmful act. For that reason, lawyers typically feel ready to take on the task of composing such a notice.

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