Who Might A Family Sue In Wrongful Death Case?

If someone were to suffer a fatal injury as the result of an accident, that same victim would not live to seek compensation from the responsible party. Still, the law allows for the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Can any family member file such a lawsuit?

No, it should be the closest surviving relative. So, if a man that had divorced and remarried were to die in an accident, the first wife could not file a lawsuit, alleging a wrongful death.

Who might be the target of such a lawsuit?

Sometimes family members learn that someone had acted on purpose, at the time when those purposeful actions had resulted in a fatal injury to their loved one. That information might cause the same family members to arrange for suing the person that had carried out such an egregious act, as per the Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines.

In other situations, the driver of a car might be especially careless and neglectful. That high level of negligence might have contributed to the occurrence of a terrible on-road accident. The force of the collision might have managed to kill the occupant of the hit vehicle.

In that situation, the wronged person would have died, leading to the pursuit of a wrongful death case. That series of events illustrates one of the most common reasons for pursuit of compensation, when someone has been killed in an objectionable fashion.

A third situation would relate to the possible circumstances in a medical setting. It could be that a doctor, nurse or other member of the medical community has failed to act in a manner that is in accordance with medical standards. It could also be that the same actions caused the death of a patient.

That would be another situation where loved ones might choose to sue those that were responsible for the unfortunate and needless death. Of course, those plaintiffs might face an uphill battle. It can prove difficult to produce adequate evidence for a case that involves both medical malpractice and the ending of a patient’s life.

What damages can families seek to obtain, when feeling that a loved one has been killed wrongfully?

The loved ones have the right to seek compensation for medical costs. Unless their relative had died at the accident site, he or she would have received some medical treatment. The family would get the medical bills.

It costs money to bury someone that is deceased. The family could not plan for the passing of their loved one. For that reason, burial costs are part of the awarded damages. Those that have taken part in a funereal must also be paid. That fact accounts for the addition of another damage. That damage covers funeral costs.

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