Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents could potentially result in some particularly serious injuries. Broken bones, chronic pain, psychological issues as well as even fatalities – these are all possible. Every single year, a significant amount of people are injured in such accidents. They are actually amongst the leading causes of personal injury and it’s very common for certain types of these injuries to properly surface after some time. In often to get back on with their normal lives, people could require intensive and extensive medical treatment, assessments and diagnosis. When you combine the expenses with the loss of wage, you can quickly see how challenging this could be for the entire family.

Accident Benefits

Now, if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, you would be entitled to certain benefits such as income replacement, rehabilitation as well as attendant care. What is more, if the injury falls within the description of a catastrophic injury, you will be entitled to a much larger amount of money. However, you need to understand that insurance companies are going to attempt to reduce these benefits as much as they can. And that is why our lawyers at GPC Injury Law can help.

Compensation for tort is actually available for those who were injured in the accident but were not responsible for it. The damages which stem from motorcycle accident claims could include, but are definitely not limited to, compensation for loss of wages, pain and suffering as well as for rehabilitation costs. With this in mind, the process is overly complicated and some of the recent changes in the legislation of Ontario have made matter even more complex. This is why the assistance of a lawyer from GPC Injury Law is needed now more than ever.

You should understand that insurance companies are businesses which will do everything they can to stay profitable. This means that they will likely look out more for the shareholders than for the policyholders. Therefore, their adjusters are tasked to keep the costs relatively low and as a result denying benefits, delaying the overall process and withholding payments are rather common. What is more, you will see that low-ball offers as well as trying to convince the injured victims to accept a very low compensation amount is quite common. This is why having a very reliable personal injury lawyer right there on your side is particularly important.

Regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident or whether the other driver has insurance or not, you are still going to be entitled to benefits for the injuries that you sustained. With this in mind, the professional lawyers at GPC Injury Law have conveniently helped a range of victims to get their benefits as well as the relief that they truly deserve.

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