Product Liability

There is a significant choice when it comes to consumer goods, considering that the amount of imported goods in Canada is huge. However, even though it boosts the economy of the country, when goods are being imported as well as exported the quality and the safety checks aren’t exactly the same throughout the world. Goods which are manufactured in North America have to abide by stringent quality standards; products from a lot of other countries aren’t capable of meeting the same. This leads to products which are toxic as well as dangerous which could cause serious injuries.

Liability Stemming From Defective Products

These particular products can actually be found in any single segment of the consumer goods starting from faulty car parts to residual toxic lead encountered in the paint of your kid’s toys. The latter can lead to particularly troublesome complications. If you or your loved one has been injured in a similar situation, hiring a personal injury lawyer from GPC Injury Law is of high importance.

We are experienced enough when it comes to injuries which are caused by products of the kind and we will definitely be able to help you a great deal. The vast and broad experience that we have is one of our strongest weapons and we also have a friendly multilingual paralegal and administrative clerks who are going to make sure that your case is perfectly well represented and researched.

The Professional Product-Liability Lawyers

Regardless of who has caused the injury – whether it’s the manufacturer, the seller, the retailer or the distributor, we are going to undertake a thorough and detailed investigation by taking advantage of the services of the most experienced professionals. The majority of victims who deal with product liability accidents usually avoid hiring a personal injury lawyer because they are very afraid of the significant fees.

This shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from seeking justice. Understanding the financial burden that this may have, we at GPC Injury Law will never take money upfront. We work on “no win, no pay” contingency basis which is very beneficial for our clients.

We have a team of highly experienced and rather bevy lawyers who are focused in all of the different aspects of product liability cases. They understand the path of bringing on a claim and handling it in court. We have the necessary knowledge and resources to prepare a strong case and handle it in court.

This is why you should never stay silent. Make sure to schedule a consultation which is no-obligation and free of charge in order to discuss and understand your case. We will provide you with accurate, current and actionable information which is going to be greatly beneficial. It is ideal to have an experienced lawyer working on your case so that you are not bereft of legal counsel and guidance. Insurance companies have aggressive legal teams and that is why you need to have one of our lawyers protecting your rights.