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Located in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario, GPC Injury Law serves as a beacon of hope and strength for all those seeking justice in car accident personal injury cases. As the best car accident personal injury lawyers in the area, our office is strategically located to provide convenient and accessible legal services to all residents of St. Catharines. Our approach to law is straightforward and effective, delivering powerful legal representation and unparalleled support to all our clients.

Eric Barapp

Lorne Weinstock

Nabeel Sera

Michael Brill

Jeffrey Baum

Eti Taylor

Marc Tavernese

Alex Rozine

Aurora Mancuso

Alexander Makaronets

Albert Wong

How will a dedicated case manager benefit my personal injury case?

Having your own dedicated case manager in your personal injury case is a game changer. This professional is your consistent point of contact, ensuring your case is managed efficiently and attentively. Your case manager, being knowledgeable and hard-working, will coordinate every aspect of your case, from documentation to communication with all parties involved. This means you receive continuous, personalized attention – making your legal journey smoother and more manageable. Your dedicated case manager ensures all your unique needs are fully met and you’re kept informed every step of the way.

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