Understanding Punitive Damages In An Injury Claim

In any personal injury lawsuit, the injured party is seeking compensation for the damages they incurred as a result of their injury. In a legal setting, financial payment is used to compensate for all damages related to an injury, with an aim of repairing some of the damage done as the result of negligence or carelessness. In calculating what an injured party should receive for their claim, a few types of damages are considered. Read More

Does The Impact of A Whiplash Injury Last A Lifetime?

You’ve likely heard of the term whiplash before. It is one of the most common injuries suffered during a car accident, even relatively minor crashes. Whiplash can be experienced in a variety of severities, and while some cases may be relatively minor, some victims of a whiplash injury continue to suffer lifelong consequences. In the most severe cases of whiplash, sufferers experience a lifetime of pain that is debilitating, deflating quality of life and removing the ability to take care of a family – both in terms of earnings, and in everyday activity. Read More

Navigating A Borrowed Vehicle Accident With An Injury Lawyer

Borrowed vehicle accidents can be an unfortunate and confusing legal situation to navigate. If you have found yourself in a situation where you loaned your car to a friend or family member who was involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is contact a personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines, who can help you understand the situation and navigate what to expect in your specific situation. Read More

Are Accidents Related To Jaywalking Compensated?

When it comes to sharing the road, it can be easy to assume that everyone is following the rules. But both drivers and pedestrians should be aware that, despite road signals, unexpected crossings may take place in the roadway. Collisions between pedestrians and motorists can be particularly devastating both in terms of immediate injury, and long-term legal impact. It requires a detailed look by a legal professional to judge the merits of the claim, before they agree to represent the victim. Read More

How Are Personal Injury Claims Calculated?

Personal injury claims can seem complicated and mysterious, but the truth is that there are several specific factors that are calculated in determining the worth of each claim. Whether the injury was incurred in an accident, due to negligence, or after a medical injury, you can work with a legal professional to ensure that you understand how much your claim is worth. Read More

Why Is It Important To Document Your Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve been injured in an accident or as the result of negligence by another party, it is very likely that you’re entitled to make a personal injury claim. One of the most important aspects of a successful claim is evidence to support your claim and the impact your injury has had on your life. It is important to clearly demonstrate a full picture of the incident, how your life was impacted, and the full scope of your medical needs – so any judge reviewing your case can clearly see the validity. Read More

All About Getting Compensation In Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death cases are among the most tragic personal claims that are viewed in court. Most often, wrongful death cases are related to car accidents where the at-fault driver was deemed extremely negligible, careless, or impaired. In a wrongful death case, those who were impacted by the death of someone involved in an accident will launch a claim against the responsible parties, and their insurance companies. Read More

Answers For Those With Questions About Long Term Disability Insurance

Do not begin reading this article until you gain a full understanding of how the law interprets the word disability. The law recognizes two types of disabilities. One of those two types resulted from an unexpected event, such as an accident. The second type develops over time. The slow development of a disability has a beginning. Its beginning point could be an accident. Unfortunately, few insurance companies would agree to give long term benefits to an adult with a medical condition that progressed to the point where it had become a long term disability. Read More

Special Considerations When Child Injured In Accident

If an adult gets injured in an accident, he or she can seek compensation for loss of income. A child is not working and does not bring home any income. Still a serious injury could make it necessary for the affected child to receive medical care throughout childhood, even into the teen years and into adulthood. As a disabled adult, the injured victim might be unable to earn any type of income. Read More