What Happens When You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you are ever involved in a personal injury accident – whether it’s a slip and fall incident at a friend’s house or a car accident – you will probably hire a personal injury lawyer to help you craft a lawsuit against the guilty party. If you have done this, your attorney will tell you that there are many steps involved in a personal injury lawsuit. They are the subject of this article. Read More

Some Things To Know About Bus Accident Claims And How A Personal Injury Lawyer In St. Catharines Can Help You

Bus accidents can have negligible or severe consequences. Minor collisions between two motor vehicles are not equal to catastrophic ones. Depending on the type of accident, injuries that are sustained during any bus accident can be serious too. Broken bones and traumatic brain injuries are some of the most serious events a passenger could suffer during a tough collision. Read More

Know About Dog Bite Laws In Ontario

Most dogs are domesticated and do nothing but bark. However, since 1 million people are bitten by dogs every year, dog bites are not unheard of. If you have ever been the victim of a dog bite, you want to hire a good lawyer to help you craft the personal injury case or claim that will get you the settlement you deserve from the dog’s owner. It may surprise (and shock you) to learn that you can be bitten by a dog and still not be eligible for any compensation from its owner. Read More