Ways That Insurance Companies Try To Catch Accident Victims When Off-Guard

Insurers check to see if a new claimant has hired an attorney. If that check shows that the same claimant has not retained a lawyer, then the adjuster that has received the filed case becomes aware of that particular fact. Hence, the same adjuster could try to pose misleading questions, when speaking with the man or woman that has failed to secure legal representation. Read More

How Can Witnesses Help With Your Personal Injury Claim?

Accidents happen and if you have been in an accident and are looking to seek damages, you need assistance. If you are filing a personal injury claim or case there can be no denying that using a good witness will dramatically increase your chances of winning the case. Witnesses can corroborate your statements and can even provide new evidence that you may have missed. A person doesn’t need to be an eyewitness to confirm the validity of your injuries – remember that. Read More