Why Does Lawyer Advice against Social Media Posts After Filing an Injury Claim?

When an accident occurs, it seems that a majority of the details will go on some form of social media. Everyone will view and comment about the accident, especially if it is close to home and everyone seen it on their way home from work or shopping. Majority of the population uses some form of social media to transact with society. However, if you have been injured in an accident, posting it on a social media platform may not be the greatest of ideas. Here are a few reasons why that sentence could be true. Read More

Does No-Fault Insurance Affect Your Insurance Claim?

Car accidents are on the rise today because there are so many more distractions. Drivers hear a text alert and immediately pick up their phones or they are running late for work and decide to multi-task while they drive. There are so many different reasons why accidents are occurring at an alarming rate. When an accident occurs and it is determined that it was really no one’s fault really, what happens to insurance companies? How do they accept this type of claim and how much does it pay? Read More

What Happens When Drivers Fail To Share The Road?

Everyday, there is some type of story or complaint about pedestrians failing to cross the road the right way – with their head held up instead of looking down on their phones. Distracted pedestrians can put everyone in danger as drivers try to swerve or brake too fast to avoid hitting them and end up causing an accident instead. The same theory goes for cyclist. Much too often, a cyclist will be seen riding down the road or street with their headphones in or their phones in their hands. Many people are quick to blame the pedestrians or the cyclists for causing the accident and in some cases, can cause rage among the crowd that gathers around them after an accident. Read More

Reasons For Hiring A Lawyer When Making A Slip And Fall Claim

When a small child falls, he or she gets told to get up and keep playing. Parents would never suggest that such a child should hire an injury lawyer in St. Catharines. A good parent appreciates the extent to which a son or daughter depends on a parent’s readiness to carry out a duty of care. So, what reasons would an adult have for hiring an injury lawyer, after experiencing a slip and fall incident? Read More