What To Ask During Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Residents of Ontario that have chosen to litigate a personal injury claim can take advantage of the offering provided by a personal injury lawyer. That member of the legal profession offers potential clients the chance to attend a free consultation.

What questions should a potential client ask during such a consultation?

After explaining the nature of the possible case, the consulting adult should ask this: Do you feel that I could benefit from hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in St. Catharines?

Have you had experiences with cases such as mine in the past? Before asking this question, the client should share any special information about his or her injuries, or about any past accidents.

Can you foresee the time when a settlement might be possible? Do you think such a settlement would include the promise of an award for me? Few personal injury lawyers would want to take a case that did not seem to guarantee future money for the client/plaintiff. In the absence of any money awarded by the court, or obtained through negotiations, a lawyer’s consignment fee would come to zero.

Have you tried a case in court before? Even clients that do not expect to be taking their case to court should ask this question. An injury lawyer that does not feel comfortable about advocating for a given client in a courtroom might accept a lower settlement, in order to avoid the rigors of presenting an argument in court.

Are there any questions that should not be asked?

It makes no sense to seek an answer that has already been posted on the lawyer’s website. Such an action suggests that the potential client does not want to bother with acquiring the knowledge that could make it easier to win a fair compensation. Lawyers and their clients need to work as a team.

A lawyer’s feelings about a potential client can get shaped by the queries made during the free consultation. At the same time, the lawyer’s assessment of the submitted claim can influence a decision, regarding whether or not the same attorney wants to work with a specific client.

Obviously, it is not the attorney’s job to know the details, regarding the incident that pushed the possible client to file a personal injury claim. Instead, it is the client’s responsibility to become familiar with those details, and to share them with the consulted lawyer.

Lawyers do not have a duty to accept the caseload that would follow acceptance of a specific client. Each member of the legal profession has the right to accept or refuse the chance to fight for the compensation that one particular victim seeks. Your questions could help you to become a victim with access to great legal counsel.

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