What You Should Know About Accidents Involving Leased Vehicles

Leasing vehicles has become a popular practice in today’s society, and not because of the need of a vehicle to drive while your normal vehicle is being repaired after getting into an accident. It’s the perfect way to experience having a vehicle that would normally be unaffordable. The reason the cost involved in leasing a vehicle is considerably lower is because you are only paying the depreciation in value instead of the total value at the point of purchase. Read More

How Can Informed Consent Affect Your Personal Injury Claim For Medical Malpractice?

Every physician has an obligation to fully inform their patients about the risks involved in any medical treatment and surgical procedure. In the fields of law and medicine, when a patient has received such information and agrees to a procedure or treatment, this agreement is referred to as “informed consent.” If the information isn’t provided or if the patient refuses to give their informed consent, and the patient suffers any injury during the procedure or treatment, they may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit for medical malpractice. Furthermore, they could be entitled to compensation for damages. Read More

Can A Personal Injury Claim Be Filed On Behalf of A Child?

When a child gets seriously injured, it’s as traumatic an experience for their parents as it is for them. In addition to the stress and worry, the child may have sustained serious, life-changing injuries that could adversely affect them for the remainder of their lives. If your son or daughter recently sustained injuries in an accident, a personal injury lawyer can explain your legal options and ensure that your child’s rights are protected during the legal process. The following are some things you need to know. Read More

Tips For Fighting Denial of Application For Canadian Pension Plan Benefits

Residents of Ontario have the opportunity to pay into the Canadian Pension Program (CPP). Due to the CPP’s ability to deliver long term disability benefits to qualified residents of Ontario, those same men and women can apply for such benefits. Of course, not every applicant enjoys the pleasure of being accepted, as someone that deserves such a benefit. Read More