What Should You Know About Rear-End Accidents?

A rear-end accident occurs when a driver behind another vehicle brakes suddenly. This sudden braking causes a car that was following too closely to collide with the vehicle in front of it. Rear-end accidents account for approximately one out of every five car accidents in Canada.

While most injuries resulting from these accidents are minor, they can still cause extensive damage to your vehicle and result in thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re injured in an auto accident, you must contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in St. Catharines to advise you on your rights and help you understand your options after a car crash.

What Causes Rear-End Accidents?

Rear-end accidents are caused by factors that increase the likelihood of an accident occurring while following too closely behind another vehicle. These factors include:

• Driver Distraction: Drivers distracted by their phones, food or passengers are less aware of surrounding traffic and thus more likely to rear-end another vehicle.
• Inattentive Driving: A driver who is not paying attention to the road ahead can easily cause a rear-end crash if they do not slowdown in time for slower traffic ahead or do not use their mirrors to check for vehicles behind before changing lanes.
• Fatigue: Driving while tired increases the risk of rear-end crashes because it reduces your ability to react quickly enough to other vehicles on the road and take action when necessary.
• Speeding: Speeding is a well-known factor that contributes to rear-end crashes because it makes it more difficult for drivers to stop in time when they must do so suddenly, such as when another vehicle stops suddenly or slows down abruptly. An Injury Lawyer can analyze the details of your case and help you recover fair compensation for your losses.
• Faulty Brakes: If your brakes fail while traveling at any speed, you may not be able to stop before hitting the vehicle ahead of you — especially if there’s no shoulder on which to pull over safely.
• Poor Visibility: Accidents are more likely at night and in bad weather conditions where visibility is poor, and vision is obscured by fog or snowfall — especially when passing through tunnels or underpasses where headlights from oncoming traffic can be difficult to see until it’s too late for evasive action.

Legal Options

After a severe car crash, many people contact an attorney because they are worried about their legal rights. Some laws protect people hurt by someone else’s negligence on the road, but these laws can vary by state. When you hire an injury lawyer, they can explain your legal rights and help you determine how best to proceed after an accident. An attorney can also negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that everything possible is done to get compensation for victims of auto accidents.