Why Are Slip And Fall Injuries Serious For Seniors?

Slip and fall injuries are common with people of all ages. This means anyone of any age can experience an injury as a result of slipping and falling on ice or any other unsafe surface like a loose sidewalk, uneven surface or simply falling over a rug.

While anyone of any age can experience this type of injury, slip and fall injuries can have especially serious implications for seniors. Seniors may not have the muscle tone or bone density to recover from this type of injury. As a result slip and fall injuries with seniors can often end up in long term disabilities. The body may not heal properly which can result in a significant loss of independence. In worse case scenarios, a slip and fall injury of a senior can result in that person’s death.

Any type of slip and fall injury, and even a slip and fall death for seniors, can cause significant personal costs.It’s impossible to list every possible scenario for these types of accidents for seniors and the general population. However, to give an idea of what could cause these types of injuries, here’s a short list of possible situations that could end in such an injury. Abrupt changes in flooring height can be dangerous to seniors who may not be able to as quickly adjust to the differences. Inadequate lighting can make obstacles difficult to see resulting in an injury. Slip and fall injuries can be caused by wet or slippery floors, poorly build or maintained walkways and stairways. Loss stair rails or missing stair rails can also increase the chance of a slip and fall accident.

All these situations can pose a certain level of hazard to an able bodied person. When senior citizens are involved, this risk increases significantly.A fall that may cause minor injuries to a younger, able bodied person can cause significantly more damage to a senior citizen. Such falls can cause broken bones and extended stays in the hospital as a result of those broken bones. Of all senior citizen hospitalizations, ones related to slip and fall accidents account for approximately five percent. 77 percent of all injury hospitalizations are the result of slip and fall accidents. The most frequent slip and fall hospitalization injury is orthopedic, a category used to describe injuries associated with bone fractures and dislocations.

Hip fractures are a common type of injury in a slip and fall accident involving a senior. Many senior citizens hospitalized for this type of accident have sustained a fracture of the hip injury.The age category that statistically appears to be at the greatest risk for senior slip and fall injuries is for those within the 60 to 74 age category. This group of people are still able to be active enough to be willing and able to do more activities and as a result of the additional movement and lower bone density, often find themselves injured in a slip and fall accident.Physical trauma is the most obvious result of such injuries. It’s common that as a result of these injuries comes increased dependence, psychological trauma and social withdrawal. If you or a loved one has undergone such injuries, it is time to contact an injury lawyer in St. Catharines.

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